Two Spring Seasonals Just in Time

Today we released our two spring seasonal offerings - Brunch and Pocket Full of Posies.  Both are, in my humble opinion, incredible and really help elevate the entire City Candle Co. lineup.  Brunch is a tribute to springtime meals spent with good friends or family.  Filled with citrus, champagne, and coconut, this candle is essentially bottomless mimosas. The sun is shining, drinks are flowing, and conversation abounds.  What more could one ask for? 

Pocket Full of Posies is our love song to this time of year.  Complete with scents of rose, lily, and fresh rainwater, this candle promotes serenity and tranquility.  Even if the weather is rough, which it often is this time of year, the smell of this candle can put you at ease.  Light it up, mosey on over to that screen door, and listen to the raindrops peppering the sidewalk.  Take it all in.

As a reminder, we're offering 10% off all purchases with the code: AMEN.  Simply load up the shopping cart and enter this code at checkout to secure your discount today.  I hope you enjoy these new candles, and all of our candles, in good company.

What I'm reading - Holy Ground by Wright Thompson.  Each year in April, for the last 6 or 7 years, I read this piece and feel a lot of emotions.  I feel wistful, nostalgic, excited, and a multitude of other conflicting emotions.  The Masters represents a lot of those things for a lot of people and Wright Thompson sums it all up brilliantly.  Essentially, Holy Ground is about fathers and sons (daughters).  With 3 children of my own, I can't help but think about them when I read this piece now.  But I always have and always will think about my dad too.  I think about how appreciative I am to have such a caring and generous father who has given me so much, expecting nothing in return.  I'm hopeful we'll one day get to walk the Augusta National grounds and make new memories together. Love you, Pops.

What I'm reading (part 2) - The Secret History of Tiger Woods by Wright Thompson.  Quite possibly the greatest longform sports piece ever written, and that's not hyperbole.  Its certainly in the running.  The lengths at which Thompson went to in order to gain access to Tiger's life and his story is absurd.  Given the media hubbub with Tiger playing this week, it seems like a great time to revisit this piece.  Read it and bask in its glory. P.S. - no, I don't think Tiger wins this week.  I also don't think he'll make the cut.  I also didn't think he'd win in 2019.  So take my opinions with a grain of salt. P.S.S - I wrote the above Tuesday night.  As I publish this, Tiger just finished his first round 1 under (71 - tied for 8th as things stand).  I may have to pay up on a few outstanding wagers with friends this week.

What I'm watching - The Thing About Pam on Hulu.  I kept seeing commercials for this on Youtube TV and other streaming apps.  My wife, Kathryn, is a huge fan of true crime so I knew this would be right up her alley.  I've been blown away by the acting, particularly Renee Zellweger.  The format of the show is also pretty novel.  Worth a watch.

What I'm burning PINEWOOD AVENUE.  We released this candle two weeks ago.  As I've alluded to before, this scent went through many different permutations before I landed on (what I believe to be) the perfect formula.  I'm planting my spring garden in 3 weeks and I can't wait to smell the vine ripe tomatoes, mint, other herbs, peppers and all the fantastic things I'll grow this year.  Until then, Pinewood Avenue will do just fine.

What I'm listening to - Can't Do Much by Waxahatchee.  One of my old bosses (shoutout Sean) introduced me to Waxahatchee aka Katie Crutchfield way back in 2015.  I was lukewarm on some of her early work but her 2017 album Out in the Storm was outstanding.  Her most recent album, Saint Cloud, is really way, way better.  She also happens to be a Birmingham local, at least originally.  

What I'm thinking about - Woodlawn Street Market. Its market week, folks!!!  We'll be at Woodlawn Street Market on Saturday from 10AM - 4PM.  Come out and enjoy what is supposed to be a beautiful day.  We'll have all of the new releases plus the old standards.  Stop by and say hey, get some great food from the multitude of food trucks that will be there, and revel in the beauty of a historic Birmingham neighborhood.

I'm also thinking a lot about work and what it means to work.  I recently started back working my day job after a truly wonderful paternity leave.  Coming back to work after 3 months off (I know, I know - trust me, it was awesome) has been tough.  That said, I really appreciate all of you supporting my fledgling business.  Candles and their mystical powers are something I'm really passionate about.  Like, truly passionate about.  And I'm truly thankful for each of you and your patronage.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at, or via any of our social media channels.  Also, for any local Birmingham folks, we offer local pickup in Crestwood so we can meet all of your candle needs at a moment's notice.  Hit us up!

-Seth, City Candle Co.

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