A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Today is the day we release what I believe to be the best small batch we've created yet - AMEN. This candle typifies everything Spring.  Flowers, Blossoms, Easter, Rebirth, and Growth.  I came up with the idea for Amen while watching golf (shocker, I know).  As many of you know, I'm a golf nut.  It's in my blood.  My dad has passed a love of the game down to me and I hope to do the same to my children.  Every April, a certain, prestigious golf tournament takes place in Augusta, GA.  The most famous corner of that golf course is tucked away across a creek and is bursting with azaleas, gardenias, hydrangeas, and all sorts of other gorgeous flowers. I've never been to Augusta but this candle is what I imagine it smells like.

To celebrate the start of Spring and all the glorious growth that comes along with it, we're offering 10% of all purchases (including AMEN!) with the code: AMEN.  Simply load up the shopping cart and enter this code at checkout to secure your discount today.  I hope you enjoy this candle, and others, in good company.

What I'm reading - Red Farmer: The Last of the Alabama Gang. I'm about half way through this long form article.  I can't remember who sent it to me or how I came about it but I've had it open in the Chrome tabs on my phone for about 6 months.  Man, what a read.  I've always been, at best, lukewarm on racing as an adult but I can certainly appreciate the role stock car racing has had on southern society and identity.  Moreover, as a born and bred son of West Jefferson county, I can really appreciate the pride and adulation people have for the "Alabama Gang".  My brother and I had tons of Davey Allison (RIP - #28 Texaco/Havoline forever) memorabilia in our rooms growing up.  There may be none cooler than Red Farmer though, and he's remarkably still around.  Well worth some of your time to read this piece. 

What I'm watching - Roots and Refuge Farm Youtube VLOG.  Jess has been a youtuber I've followed for a few years.  She and I have some of the same taste in gardening.  We both like monster, slicer tomatoes and slightly whimsical or odd vegetable varieties.  Obviously, the #1 vegetable gardening priority is to grow food you enjoy eating.  But eating is, after all, only a small part of overall vegetable gardening.  You care for and look at your garden for months before ever eating any of it.  You might as well grow some cool looking and interesting stuff.  

What I'm burning BRUNCH, one of our yet-to-be-released Spring seasonals.  This candle will be released next week, along with POCKET FULL OF POSIES, and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Meant to be reminiscent of a boozy lunch with friends, Brunch has notes of citrus, champagne, and coconut.  Think "bottomless mimosas".  It's a great kitchen scent to burn while making breakfast for the fam on the weekend too.  Be on the lookout for another newsletter next week, as well as an Instagram post, announcing this candle and PFOP.

What I'm listening to - Also, Brunch.  This podcast is one that I started listening to a little over a year ago when it moved underneath the Washed Media umbrella (creators of Circling Back, my #1 pod). Brunch is a nice change of pace and is very pop culture/media forward.  Pete and Deej bring the heat week in and week out.  NOTE - there's a bit of a loading phase with these guys.  Their style is an acquired taste and they reference back to all sorts of takes and jokes from episodes past.  So you have to get acclimated a bit to fully experience the brilliance.

What I'm thinking about - Woodlawn Street Market! As previously mentioned in last week's newsletter, this is an awesome event in a really cool neighborhood.  If you've never been, please come and meet us at the market.  You won't be disappointed.  This event will run from 10am to 4pm.  Kathryn and I will be there slinging Pinewood Avenue, Amen, Brunch, PFOP, and all your other favorites.  Swing by, buy a candle, and peruse/support all the other vendors who will be selling their goods and food at this wonderful market.  Its certain to be a good time for the whole family.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at burncitycandles@gmail.com, or via any of our social media channels.  Also, for any local Birmingham folks, we offer local pickup in Crestwood so we can meet all of your candle needs at a moment's notice.  Hit us up!

-Seth, City Candle Co.

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