HOCUS POCUS - A Seance for the Senses

Its #spookyszn!!!  Today we released our October Small Batch - HOCUS POCUS.  This candle is one of the first we ever made wayyy back in the day.  However, we've saved it for just this occasion.  Hocus Pocus is a cauldron of fragrances - oud, incense, myrrh, frankincense, smoke, and so much more.  Meant to conjure scenes of a gathering of witches around a campfire, this candle is sure to be a seance for the senses.  Head to the shop now to get yours today! Miss out on this one at your own peril ☠️

A few things:

  1. We recently launched our full Fall slate of candles - PSL, Matzek Drive, Golden Hour, and the aforementioned Hocus Pocus.  All of these are currently on sale for 15% off! Use code FALL15 at checkout.  Enjoy!
  2. We also launched our first luxury candle offering - SANTAL.  This is a really special, unique fragrance.  Brimming with exotic spices such as cardamom, fennel, and ginger, coupled with sandalwood, this results in a truly elevated scent.  Get yours today at the shop!  This candle is only available in two sizes - 9 oz ($35) and 6 oz ($25).  And yes, this candle is eligible for the FALL15 15% off code!
  3. We are still running our 40% End of Summer Sale.  Some exclusions apply (everyday scents, summer seasonals, and Fall Scents/Santal) but everything else on the site is 40% while supplies last!  There are 9 different scents eligible for this sale.  Get yours today before they are phased out for the year or forever, as is the case with small batch candles. And yes, this automatic discount can be stacked with FALL15 😉

What I'm reading - The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton.  Given that we're on back-end of the pandemic, or better put - the virus is approaching endemic status, it seemed appropriate to pick this novel up.  Crichton was a master of suspense and story telling and this novel consistently ranks as quite possibly his best.  I'll report back on my thoughts once I'm finished.

What I'm watching - Lizzo Playing James Madison's Crystal FluteI'm intrigued.  This is pretty cool. I have read about the crystal flute (albeit super briefly) in a biography of our 4th president. 

What I'm watching, Part II - Abbott Elementary on ABC.  My wife has been watching this show over the last year and I've caught bits and pieces, here and there.  I sat down to watch the Season 2 premiere earlier this week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'd categorize the show as a spiritual successor of sorts to Parks and Rec and The Office.

What I'm burning - Gulf.  This is one of a our summer seasonals that we released a few months back. It is more of a masculine scent, combining sea salt and musky notes.  The more I burn it, the more I like it.  It transports me to the Gulf of Mexico and puts me right at the water's edge, at least in my mind.

What I'm listening to - Running on Empty cover by Billy Strings.  The original by Jackson Browne is unquestionably a classic.  This cover is pretty damn good too fwiw.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at burncitycandles@gmail.com, or via any of our social media channels.  Also, for any local Birmingham folks, we offer local pickup in Crestwood so we can meet all of your candle needs at a moment's notice.  Hit us up!

-Seth, City Candle Co.

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