Introducing GOLDEN HOUR, the September Small Batch

Today we released one of my favorite ever candles - GOLDEN HOUR.  This candle represents one of my favorite times of year.  The weather is just starting to change here in Birmingham but Summer is hanging on for dear life.  The mornings are cool, the afternoons hot but not nearly as humid.  And then the golden hour hits in late afternoon. As the sun goes down, it puts a shine and polish on all things natural and real.  This candle is perfectly blended to accompany the golden hour.  Filled with sacred sage, elegant eucalyptus, and musky wood notes, Golden Hour will have you morning the loss of summer but pining for the autumn days ahead. Head to the shop and get yours today before they are gone!

I also want to remind everyone of two things:

  1. We recently relaunched one of our core offerings - IT MEANS MORE!  This candle is a tribute to fall Saturdays in the South.  Meant to be reminiscent of a whiskey sour in a crowded college town bar, It Means More is the perfect game day companion.
  2. We are still running our 40% End of Summer Sale.  Some exclusions apply (everyday scents, summer seasonals, and Golden Hour) but everything else on the site is 40% while supplies last!  There are 9 different scents eligible for this sale.  Get yours today before they are phased out for the year or forever, as is the case with small batch candles. 

What I'm reading - The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.  This is a daily devotional in which each days reading and reflection is based off of a stoic passage or theme.  Its very easily digestible and serves to provide a daily reminder that you can't always control the outcome of situations or what happens to you.  However, you can control how you react and feel about those things.  I need that reminder pretty often it seems.

What I'm watching - Killing It on Peacock.  This is a show my wife, Kathryn, has put me on.  Its hilarious and great.  Featuring Craig Robinson (Darrell from The Office), it tells the story of a slacker trying to make it big and all of the crackpot ways he tries to make a bit of money.  The cast of characters is outstanding and its been really nice to watch.  NOTE - very adult content.

What I'm burning - SANTAL.  This is a special, luxury candle we'll be releasing at the end of September.  Its a one-of-a-kind candle that blends cardamom, ginger, fennel, sandalwood, and a host of other spices for a delicate and intriguing offering.  I'm super excited about it and I'm certain you'll love it. Santal will feature all new, higher-end packaging to accompany its elevated fragrance. We'll only be offering this in two different sizes: 6oz ($25) and 9oz ($35).

What I'm listening to - This Past Weekend by Theo Von.  An oldie but a goodie.  One of my favorite all time pods.  Theo Von is a hilarious comedian from Louisiana.  You may recognize him from the old school days of Real World/Road Rules Challenge (maybe not, maybe I'm the only MTV scum here).  His podcast is great.  He riffs on all things middle-age life.  Worth a listen.

What I'm thinking about - Winter scents and fragrances.  Our Fall lineup is largely done.  Golden Hour dropped today.  PSL and Matzek Drive (our two staple Fall seasonals) drop next week.  Santal and Hocus Pocus (October Small Batch #spookyszn) drop the final week of September.  But I'm still working out a few wrinkles for Winter.  We'll have our regular Winter seasonals: Little Full Lotta Sap, which is a sweet fraser fir scent; and Les Incompetents, which is a spicier pine/cypress scent. I've got the November Small Batch locked and loaded.  No spoilers.  Same for the Winter luxury scent.  But I'm still testing for the December Small Batch.  I've narrowed it down to 4 different fragrances.  Again no spoilers.  Rest assured, we'll deliver a candle for the record books to close out 2022.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at, or via any of our social media channels.  Also, for any local Birmingham folks, we offer local pickup in Crestwood so we can meet all of your candle needs at a moment's notice.  Hit us up!

-Seth, City Candle Co.

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